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I hired Keith to represent me in a divorce. Custody was contested. This case took several years to conclude and because of my ex, it was a high-conflict ordeal. My ex was very skilled at being deceptive about her lifestyle but Keith methodically developed a damaging portrayal of her. He knew how to pick his battles and helped minimize my stress in understanding that for myself too. Still it was incredibly frustrating that more couldn’t be done to protect my children during the process, but I came to understand we were focused on the “end game” from the very start. Still, anytime I voiced serious concerns about my children to Keith, he took them seriously and took the strongest action he could. He was effective in helping them out a number of times. He took a personal interest in my children, visited with them, and answered their questions about the divorce. The judge paid attention to his complaints against my ex for her parental alienation. He brought in excellent experts and resources to support the case. He is current in his understanding and use of technology. He was as accessible as one might hope for, being in a small office. He came to my attention, being a Rising Star for a couple of years in a row, and now a consecutive Super Lawyer. He is well-respected, professional, courteous, ethical and he knows his stuff and how to present it. He is very effective in the courtroom. Given the rigors and emotions of handling family law cases, I can’t imagine a better advocate than Keith. That’s why I’m giving him the highest recommendation.

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